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1. What are your authoritative valuation standards?

Valuations and Appraisals (FAQs)

The valuation is to be undertaken in accordance with the RICS Valuation - Global Standards 2020 and RICS property measurement – 2nd edition. It follows that the valuation is compliant with International Valuation Standards ("IVS"). It should be further noted that this valuation is undertaken in accord with local best practice and generally accepted valuation concepts, principles and definitions.

2. What are the documents do you require for any services listed here?

We initially require the clear copy of the title deed, land plan, QIDs of the property owners, QIDs of the mandator, CR copy (if applicable) layout plans, floor plans, rental income (for investment properties), comprehensive list of machinery and vehicles (if applicable). In addition, once the report is underway we may require additional documentations and information. Should this be the case we will contact you immediately.

3. Which currency do you consider in the report?

Unless and otherwise stated, the reports are generally prepared in local currency, Qatari Riyal without any influence from international benchmark currencies, such as USD, GBP, EURO.

4. Can I use the report for other purpose than stated?

The reports are produced strictly for the particular recipient and purpose stated, we don't offer any relaxation.

5. Can we ask your service to address the overseas requirement?

We follow guidelines issues by RICS and IVSC in all our valuation reports and in deal advisory services, having said that our all service are in accordance with internationally accepted standards therefore, they are very well recognised in most part of the world. We however, advise you to duly verify your targeted recipient to avoid future conflicts.  

6. Do you share our data with any of your peer departments?

We respect your privacy, all data and information that we received are properly monitored. We protect your Confidential Information in a reasonable and appropriate manner and in accordance with any applicable professional practices and to use and reproduce Confidential Information only to perform the particular obligations under the given mandate. We don't share your Confidential Information with any of our peer departments before receiving your written approval.

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